Friday, March 16, 2018

Elephant camp opens in Dr Brandis’s teak plantation in Pyay

An elephant camp has opened in Dr Brandis’s teak plantation on Yangon-Pyay road in Pyay Township in west Bago region. 
The teak plantation was first devised by Dr Dietrich Brandis, a German-British forester, in 1857. The plantation started with 511 teak plants and in 1960, it covered 78 acres with 3,503 teak plants.  
Tun Tun Oo, deputy general-manager of Bago region Forest Department, said: “In the past, no one was allowed to enter the camp. Now we have opened the camp in order that the people can visit the nature of plants and enjoy elephant riding.
“This plantation was established after the British captured lower Myanmar in the Anglo-Burmese War. This is the first man-made teak plantation, and visitors can enjoy seeing the biggest teak tree here.”
Tin Min Oo, assistant general-manager of Pyay District Forest Department, said: “We will open the elephant camp in order for visitors to enjoy the nature of teak trees.”

Fees for a short elephant-ride tour will be K5,000 and, for a long trip, K10,000

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